For about the last 10 years I have refused to even own a printer because of this. After so may years? For inkjet printers they plan on your patience running out, and you smashing it to pieces, so that you have to buy another one. Not sure why this is not been upvoted more. Samsung, Okidata and other stuff: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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What is amazing is that it could be around 10′ hours. We all have something to share with the world.

Lexmark 4-in-1 Printer only $ Shipped

If you’re not constantly printing off photos, isn’t it cheaper to take them to Sam’s Club and print for a few cents each? The ink and the toner don’t look the same After two months I bought refill cartridges on amazon from a reputable seller for 1. It’s like a fat kid covered in pizza grease and slices in his hand asking your to order more pizza because there’s none left.

I haven’t used my printer in three months, it still randomly starts making noise, moving the cartridge side to side, it’s fucken weird. This is why it is important to not look at the upfront cost of the printer but its lifetime cost. It has to do this tens of thousands of times, for different media sizes, weights, and textures, in a wide range of temperature and humidity levels.


Older printers are better, make seriex to look at the lexmari cost of the printer and avoid cheap or free ones.

In the end, it’s all about the money and the society we live in, based on profit and economic growth. Costco charges something like 17 cents per 4×6 photo.

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I purchased a cheap toner cartridge from what I now believe may have been one of these chinese shops. Just rub it back and forth.

Lex,ark bought a samsung monochrome and so far no issues. They cost more to replace than ink cartridges but they will never dry up toner is already dry and the unit cost for copies is about cents per page, as opposed to an inkjet cartridge which will be about c per page on average not to mention that cost goes up if the ink dries up before you can use it If you’re looking d3000 print color, and color laser printers are out of your price range, go for a Lexmark inkjet printer.

Can print from any machine in the house. The ink isn’t cheap and internally it was a mess excess ink lwxmark gumming things up.

It is however, a workhorse. It’s not about inkjet vs laser. I’ve done a lot of photography printing in the past with an Epson that produced beautiful results.


default printers in sap?

I miss my old dot matrix. The XL is only a black cartridge.

You’re dead on the money. Most of the ledmark people don’t want to do it though, so they let it go and wait until it breaks and then call me to come fix it.

Sometimes it’s like the above, sometimes it’s this. Also fuser Is seeies hot so be careful. BayPhoto or Kinkos already prints my photos or color copies, I don’t trust crappy inkjets with shitty store bought paper anyway. The color cartridges for those printers are about 12 or 20 bucks depending on the capacity.

I support lots of Xerox printers in my work – Generally waste bottles overfilling are due to a faulty toner or a failing fuser module. Coming here to say this. I’m sure the technology exists. I had a pretty simple, basic list of requirements. It’s just extra complexity and cost that you will rarely use. It just reminds me of “I can’t do that for you, Dave.