Logitech Webcam Pro for Business ZC Webcam Is there any solution. Works with Cheese and Skype, but can’t get good colour rendering. Initialization succeeded usb Cheese works perfectly now. Duplicates of this bug Bug

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With gstfakevideo you may get the preview as well with a 0c8 XV port. I hope the kernel dev team have a look on this issue in the Karmic cycle.

Please be specific because I’m fairly new to Linux. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. The laptop still doesn’t recognise the webcam as an pinux device, nothing happens when I connect the webcam to the computer Works with Skype 4.

I, for example, test through cheese and gstreamer- properties. On Wed, Jan 21, at Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

ZC WebCam this is what I get for my webcam. Works nice out of the box with Skype 2.


Webcam support in Linux

I have a similar problem my webcam was not recognized by OpenSuSe, Kernel 2. Black screen in Skype, even though it works with Cheese 2. I’ll try to guess and pass some parameters to Camorama and Skype! Tim Kersten timkersten wrote on Hi, I dont know if related 0ac in Jaunty this webcam was working and in Karmic latest does not: Leadership webcam 7.

Was able to get it working in Skype 2. Cheese works out the box!

The gspca cards list — Linux Media Subsystem Documentation documentation

Linux Kernel Bug Tracker Camera works fine in Ekiga and Camorama. See full activity log. Works fine out of the box Logitech Quickcam Pro 7. Camera is recognized and working with, e.

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Select all vlc v4l: Thank you in advance! Works out of the box, although not configurable in Skype. I had forgotten where this bug has been. Since that post described a fix for an older kernel here’s what to run as root on an updated 8.


The command 0xc8 be: This bug affects 8 people. Also work with Ekiga and aMSN. This may differ from the list of webcams working in general on Ubuntu, given here.

Having a problem logging in? Other Webcams with this chip should work in a similar way! Driver can be found here: I will propose this one for updates and see if we can get it through.