Transmit power is measured in dBm. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Not sure what the warranty process is; but so far have found no process to return it. If you can’t see it, you’re going to have trouble even with this setup. These tests have been done before on the H, with totally different results to yours, with the drivers you can set iwpriv wlan0 highpower 1 with r, ieee

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After reading many great reviews on this item I ordered it from dbroth last summer. I edited my eeprom defaults fixed to 17dbm anyway so I don’t even have to mess around setting by CCX every reboot.

How to set tx power UP (increase tx power) in Windows 7

Stronger than a real ALFA? But being a fake I think you’ll discover that it’s pretty generic chicken brand stuff what all the others floating around use, my Kasens G included. Thank you so much. Sign up using Facebook. I also have two new windows with some options window Advanced and Wifi protected setup window in the original version of RTL utility i only had a rts and fragment slider for threshold, but the other options I didn’t have.

So much for that mw. Thanks for your research on the power control Windows drivers and the Ralink Linux drivers, very interesting and shady! After doing some more research I found out these green PCB fakes were quite common and that dbroth, despite their amazing Amazon rating, are known for not delivering products, terrible customer service and selling fakes.


You can adjust the power setting but they don’t make it easy, the included software has a lot of management features disabled including the one to adjust its power. The only way is a linear amplifier, which turns out is also illegal, but not to sell, just use. The unit does show much better signal quality to nearby routers, however looks can be deceiving, they might as well be all 1-bar.

ALFA AWUS036H Set to max power

Monitor kernel messages in one terminal: I have an external HDD that requires a Y-cable, but it simply won’t work at all without one can’t spin up. So if you are looking for a device to connect to an outdoor 2.

I think I’ll be able to borrow a NH next week, I’ll check it out then. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

The Hacker Playbook 3: One person found this helpful. But does it have the imperfection looks like soldiering iron mark in the top shell on the left side right next to the sma connector? Alright i know a way to modify TX power in Linux but i don’t think that’s even possible on Windows 8. I have done test where the Gsky registers more bars than the Alfa, but the Alfa will connect to more APs and get better data transfer rates.


Error for wireless request “Set Tx Power” 8B If the level of inductance increases, so has your edited power output which has now new defined higher limits accordingly. Setting a channel of 12 or above will also cause the following error:. Useful though for x2 ALFA’s “doctored” and distanced apart on an adhoc network where then both of them can “shout” all they like at each other.

Which adapter to choose depends on what your needs are. It would never pass FCC acceptance testing. But whatever you set will be lost upon reboot.

Alfa TX power measurement results (and some other cards too) | Xiaopan Forums

Sign up using Email and Password. You can toss the below script in your init. After comparing recorded files it was revealed that it did absolutely nothing. I tested these high power levels on my USB active repeater cable far away from aws036h desktop machine 10m away in another room, and the power level at least in the L’s case scales back to 5dbm protecting itself against undervoltage and choking the adapter’s scan of available AP’s.

Report awks036h if they work well or not