Enable Edge Swipes allow you to switch applications or navigate on the Start screen. Pointers – to customize the pointer features to your own preferences. TouchPad edge behavior when scrolling Scrolling behavior at the edge of the TouchPad is controlled within the scrolling settings pages. To customize these settings from the properties page, click the Arrow icon to the left of Pointing to open the Pointing options. You can make the following adjustments:. On some touchpads you can turn on or off the TouchPad by double tapping in the upper left corner of the TouchPad.

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Open your Downloads folder and double-click to install the latest driver. Under the settings for single finger or two finger scrolling, you can enable or disable EdgeMotion when scrolling. Customize EdgeMotion using the following steps.

Sticky Borders – Restricts the pointer to the active window. The ClickPad uses the lower left and lower right side of the pad as the left- and right-click buttons.

On the Mouse Properties window, select Buttonsand then Other Pointing Devicesor your specific mouse, from the drop down menu. Constrained Motion – Limits pointer motion to purely horizontal or vertical. Enable vertical scrolling – Allows scrolling by sliding your finger up or down the left side of ppointing TouchPad in the left side scrolling region.


;ointing can also tap and drag an item in the same way as you click and touchppad the left button on an external pointing device to drag an item around the screen. From the left edge, switches to the previously open application. Clicking the Settings icon opens a window that allows you to select rotating options. Scrolling using a ClickPad Dedicated horizontal and vertical scroll gestures allow you to scroll inside a program window.

EdgeMotion is located under Pointing.

Clicking and tapping are enabled and pre-configured by default. On ClickPads, taping the lower left or lower right corners functions as slps or right buttons on a conventional mouse pointing device.

HP Compaq Presario V laptop ALPS Touchpad Pointing Device Driver Download | Laptop Software

When enabled, EdgeMotion simplifies long-distance pointer motions. Click to highlight Rotating. Three-Finger Press opens identified applications when enabled. Poointing recommends periodically checking for software, drivers, and system BIOS updates to ensure you get the maximum functionality out of your notebook and TouchPad pointing device.

On some notebooks, the right side of the TouchPad has a vertical line that indicates a scroll function. Click the Settings icon to adjust clicking settings. Use the following steps to customize the buttons. Enable horizontal scrolling – Allows scrolling by sliding your fingers left or right on the TouchPad.

Javascript is disabled in this browser. If you do not see EdgeMotion, click the Arrow icon to the left of the Pointing checkbox.

HP Compaq Presario V3800 laptop ALPS Touchpad Pointing Device Driver Download

Click to highlight Scrolling. TouchPad edge behavior when scrolling Scrolling behavior at the edge of the Touch;ad is controlled within the scrolling settings pages. Enable EdgeMotion when scrolling – Continues scrolling when your fingers commpaq the edge of the TouchPad. Buttons – to select settings for the buttons: Your computer rereads all instructions from the drivers and software stored in the Operating System which can solve some problems.


Troubleshooting when TouchPad does not work.

HP Notebook PCs – Using the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 10)

To zoom-in or -out while working in a window, place two fingers on the TouchPad and move them outward to zoom-in and inward to zoom-out.

Gp or disable either horizontal or vertical flicks. Set Scrolling Region – Adjusts the size of the scrolling region. Swipe your finger across the TouchPad to move the cursor on the screen. Click the Settings icon to adjust the tapping settings.

To determine if the icon for the Touchpad is displayed in the taskbar, and if it pointung, how it appears, make the appropriate selection under Tray Icon.