All sensorless systems utilize the physical effect that the motor induces a counter voltage back-EMF during operation that is proportional to the speed. Use more attributes to filter and to find the right combination for your requirements. Whether you need a motor, controller, gearbox or accessories, simply enter your performance requirements and request a quote. The desired attributes for each motor wil be displayed by clicking on the boxes on the right of the legend. Even in these cases, motor-dependent threshold values must be recognized and configured. Filter the matching motors using the attributes “Torque” and “Thrust”.

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Current per Winding 0.

These calculated values are measured as well. Select the attribute and click Add attribute.

Motion Control – Stepper Motors & Brushless DC Motors

You can select up to 6 products for a torque curve comparison. Under Results you will find a checkbox at the end of each line. Dear Customer, If you would like to request a quotation, please log in or register. Thus, both of these motor types behave like DC servos.

High-torque stepper motor in size NEMA 14 35 mm with tsepper.

Enter a search word or scroll through the list to find the desired attribute. The hollow shaft can be used to pass cables or conduct laser beams through it in order to save space While closed loop technology does offer advantages here as well, the high cost of the encoder, which usually far exceeds that of a small motor, is generally prohibitive stelper widespread use of this technology in these applications.


Thus, correct estimates can be obtained for the values that are not actually measured, such as the speed. About Nanotec Nanotec Electronic specializes in precise, high-performance drive solutions. The Results will adjust themselves automatically to the values you have set.

How to use the product finder Product Finder Instructions. You can select up to 6 products for a torque curve comparison. Nevertheless, closed loop systems have not always succeeded in supplanting open loop systems in traditional stepper motor applications, such as in laboratory automation or small CNC milling machines.

Open the attribute in the Filter.

Motor Controllers/Drives | NANOTEC

The view for comparing the torque curves is displayed. Combined with the more favorable price of a stepper motor system, closed loop stepper motors are an economical alternative to servo systems. The result is a “virtual encoder” that delivers the position and speed information, beginning at a certain minimum speed, with the same precision as an actual optical or magnetic encoder. BLDC and stepper motors are controlled on a field-oriented basis as a function of the load and differ only in terms of the working points resulting from the differing number of poles.

Moreover, the positioning accuracy of stepper motors without an encoder is usually sufficient in these applications. Please wait while productfinder is loading No, stay on site OK. Therefore the level of control and torque that is achieved is the same as that of a motor controlled by means of an encoder. No, stay on site OK. On a torque curve, click the point where you want to set the comparison point using the vertical red line.


No step losses, no resonances A critical factor for the quality of the observer-based controller is a good model of the motor in use, both in terms of the mathematical formulas and the motor constants of the connected motor.

This stepper motor is slightly larger flange size 60×60 mm than the stepper motors of the ST series, but Click the Add attribute button. Each color represents a motor.

Stepper Motors

The attribute is being reset. Filter the matching motors using the attributes “Torque” and “Thrust”.

Click on Reset settings. Click the Remove attribute button. Due to their attractive production price and comparatively high torque-to-size ratio, they continued to be used in device engineering.